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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want a foam insert for a case that is not listed on the website?

Great question! We have dozens of case options that we hope meet over 95% of the most common cases people use for their firearms. If we see multiple requests for a case we don’t have on our site, we’ll go to work on adding it.

However, if you have a case that is not on our site and you would like to create a foam insert, go to our “Contact Us” link and send us an e-mail of the case you would like to use for your custom insert.

Please include your phone number. We’ll contact you and walk you through the process where you can upload your images, and our engineers will transfer your layout concept to an outline that fits your case. We’ll send you an image of the layout for you to review with the pricing. Once you approve, we’ll go to work and produce it for you.


Can I order just the foam insert if I already own the case?

Absolutely! All custom and pre-designed foam offerings allow you to order only the foam insert for the given case model. When on a given foam product page, just toggle between the case+foam or the foam only offering as seen in the example below. 



Is there any special care the foam requires to keep it looking good over time?

We use both Zote and other cross-linked PE foam materials. One of the reasons for this is these materials are waterproof and resistant to oils, lubricants, and solvents. Point is: this is really good stuff! If your insert gets scuffed up or dirty, it will not affect the functionality of your insert at all.

Here are some tips for you: If you have scuff marks, fingerprints, or other marks on your foam, you can take a heat gun (you can buy one anywhere for around 20 bucks) and hold it about 8” above the material. Quickly move the heat gun back and forth, and most marks and scuffs will disappear. Don’t hold it too close or in one place for any length of time as the heat will make a burn mark that can’t be removed.

If your insert is dirty, you can take a damp cloth and wipe down the foam. If it’s really dirty, you can actually take your foam insert out of the case and hose it down. Leave the foam in the sun for about 10 minutes or so until it’s dried out and then go over the foam using the heat gun as described above.


Where are your GunFoam Cases manufactured?

Our cases are manufactured in Italy.  They have been custom fitted and modified to accommodate our requirements. These have been recently developed for the case market. This is important because many competing cases were developed decades ago. The design and technology of our cases have improved upon older design styles, and better manufacturing processes allow for better pricing. Our cases are NATO approved with NSN numbers and have Mil-Spec ratings for military applications.

We created our own line of Gun Cases because we wanted to give our customers an alternative to the other brands that are out there with similar or better features with a better price/value proposition.


Will you be adding more pre-designed product offerings?

Yes we will. These will be primarily for pistols as most rifles have scopes, bi-pods, or other custom accessories that are not standard from owner to owner.  We plan on continually adding more product offerings up to approximately 30 pistols that represent the top sellers in North America.

We created the pre-designed products for many of the new gun-owners who have a simple storage need: the firearm itself with 1 or 2 magazines. Most of our customers will want to add more mags, or additional pockets, etc. It is very easy to create your own custom insert if you find the pre-designed products don’t provide everything you want for your case/foam solution.

How do I transfer my layout to a different setup (i.e., foam color, case or no case, laser engraving, etc.)?

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