How To Create Custom Foam |

How To Create Custom Foam

We've taken a complex process and made it simple, so that if you follow our step-by-step instructions you can create your very own professional looking foam for your gun case.


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00:40 - Finding the Correct Foam Insert For Your Case
01:19 - Foam Color & Laser Engraving Options
02:07 - Customizing Your Foam Using the GunFoam Editor
02:51 - Adding Your Rifle to the Foam Layout Using the GunFoam Smartphone App
02:58 - Options for Uploading a Photo of Your Item
03:26 - Following the App's Instructions to Obtain a Proper Photo
03:59 - Contour Detection of Your Rifle
04:09 - Entering the Length and Depth Measurements of the Rifle
04:35 - Details on Depth of the Rifle
05:18 - Moving and Rotating the Rifle in the Foam Layout
05:29 - Reasons for Orienting the Rifle Upside Down
05:53 - Adding Your Pistol to the Foam Layout Using an Image Saved to Your Computer
06:04 - Following the Instructions on the Computer to Take a Proper Image
06:13 - Selecting a Photo From Your Computer
06:27 - Contour Detection of Your Pistol
06:30 - Entering the Length and Depth Measurements of Your Pistol
06:50 - What to do When There are Collision Errors
07:15 - Adding Magazines & Accessories
07:31 - Copying & Pasting Multiple Instances of an Item
07:43 - Adding Finger Grips
08:24 - Adding Standard Shapes (Rectangular & Circular Pockets)
09:10 - How do I Get a Floating Scope Area for my Rifle with a Scope?
09:30 - What if my Rifle is Too Large for the Foam?
10:04 - What do I do if my Image has Dark Shadows or the Marching Ants are Off?
10:26 - How to Use the Pan & Move Tool
10:48 - Side-by-Side Example of a Good vs. Bad Photo
11:32 - Adding Laser Engraving to a Customized Foam Insert
11:38 - Adding Custom Laser Engraved Text
12:01 - Adding a Laser Engraved Logo or Graphic

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